Selamat Datang and Herzlichen Willkommen!

If you’re missing home and looking to connect with like-minded people, look no further. Our MCB_W club is a non-profit community-based organisation. We are
dedicated to introducing, developing and strengthening relationships across cultural borders and exploring the interaction between German and Asian cultures. We are also determined to break barriers between cultures.

We hold at least three main events a year - Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. In addition to that, we also organise various smaller and more intimate events and activities like a stroll to a Christmas Market or Grillin etc. just to foster a sense of belonging living in Germany.

Through these events and activities, it is our wish to see members not only share a common passion for food, culture, but forge a strong connection and bond with one another as a community and family as living in Germany is in one way or another, Home Away From Home for some of us.